Notice Page
Dated: 27th Jan-2017

Whereas an advertisement bearing No. 01/108/NIE/2014-15 was published in Employment News dated 17th April-2015 & in Anandabazar Patrika dated 18th April-2015 and amended vide notification in Employment News dated 23rd-29th May-2015 for direct recruitment of Multi Tasking Staff against 16 (sixteen) number of vacancies;

02. And whereas a written examination was held on 30th August-2015 and result thereof was published on the website of Ordnance Factory Dum Dum on 10th Sep-2015;

03. And whereas, in the meantime, a few RTI applications were received from some candidates seeking a copy of "Answer Key" and "Question Booklet" of the written examination of Multi Tasking Staff, whereupon they were provided with the same;

04. And whereas the said candidates in their respective representation to the Appointing Authority claimed that some of the answers in "Answer Key" are incorrect;

05. And whereas in order to ascertain the veracity of their claims, the Appointing Authority referred the matter to an Expert Panel for review in the light of various judicial pronouncements of the Hon'ble Apex Court and similar other departmental cases as depicted herein below:-

    (i) It is a settled law that a person appointed erroneously on a post must not reap the benefit of wrongful appointment jeopardizing the interest of the meritorious and worthy candidates.

    (ii) In a similarly circumstanced situation (i.e. mistake in result due to inadvertent error in Answer Keys) during direct recruitment of Chargeman(NT) in the year 2015 conducted by the National Academy of Defence Production (OFB Organization), NADP constituted an Expert Committee to examine the disputed questions and based on the report of the Committee, re-evaluated the merit list of the selected candidates. Such decision of NADP was on the basis of the aforesaid judicial pronouncement.

06. And whereas the Expert Panel, constituted to look into the veracity of the complaints received at Ordnance Factory Dum Dum, after meticulously going through the Question Booklet and Answer Key and thoroughly examining the issues involved in the complaints in their entirety submitted its findings, on the basis of which the Appointing Authority arrived at the following decision in analogy to a court case at Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi in O.A. No. 207 of 2013 and M.A.No.285 of 2013 (BSNL vs Others) in a comparable situation.

Sl. No.
Findings of Expert Panel Remarks/Decision
1 24,94,67,119 (four number of questions) 12,69,92,149 (four number of questions) 20,84,57,109 (four number of questions) 9, 59, 82,139 (four number of questions) Each of the questions has more than one correct option in Answer Key. These questions have not been taken into account while re-evaluating. Thus re-evaluation has been done out of total 146 marks.
2 47, 70 (two number of questions) 37,95 (two number of questions) 42,60 (two number of questions) 32, 85 (two number of questions) The options against these questions are either incorrect or not available. One mark for each question allocated to all the candidates irrespective of the fact whether they have attempted the question or not
3 66,142,147,113 (four number of questions) 91,122,127,143 (four number of questions) 56,132,137,103 (four number of questions) 81,112,117, 133 (four number of questions) The previous Answer Key was incorrect. The Expert panel has rectified the answer key, by selecting the correct option. The option marked by the expert panel has been treated as sacrosanct and merit list prepared accordingly.

06. And whereas a revised select list has been re-cast as follows as per the Appointing Authority's decision arrived at on the basis of the findings of the Expert Panel:-
Name of the Post 7 CPC Pay Matrix UR SC ST OBC TOTAL VH HH ExS
Multi Tasking Staff Level-1 08 03 01 04 16 01 01 01

917038 GANTHAKORU SRINIVASU 21-03-92 OBC 123.50 UR
900085 YERRA RAMA KRISHNA 23-05-93 GEN 123.50 UR
917043 AKKIREDDI KRISHNA 05-06-94 OBC 123.50 UR
904421 SUVENDU MAITY 25-02-92 GEN 122.75 UR
909800 ANAMIKABISWAS 31-03-95 SC 122.25 UR
918700 KONETI GANESH 15-06-93 OBC 121.00 UR
916756 KUNDAN KUMAR 05-01-93 OBC 118.50 OBC
906548 KAMALESH SARKAR 28-03-92 SC 117.75 SC
918885 SEERAPU LAKSHAMAN 09-09-92 OBC 117.75 OBC
908385AMRITA TALUKDER 25-10-87 SC 117.25 SC
913713 RATAN MONDAL 03-04-90 SC 116.50 SC
916494 ROHIT KUMAR 04-01-95 OBC 115.50 OBC
901206 DEBRAJ MUKHERJEE 11-05-88 GEN 89.50 UR/HH
915646 PUJA SHAW 21-10-89 ST 89.25 ST
900625 CHANCHAL SINHA 01-02-76 GEN 88.75 UR/XSM
918477 FULCHAND SK 05-05-93 OBC 86.25 OBC/VH

07. Now, therefore, as decided by the Appointing Authority, the following actions are being resorted to for the sake of maintaining absolute transparency in the matter of recruitment of Multi Tasking Staff :-
(i) Question Booklet (Series- A, B, C & D)
(ii) Corrected Answer Booklet (Series- A, B, C & D )
(iii) Corrected Consolidated Merit List of all the candidates.