81 mm Bomb Mortar HE
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General :
This bomb is used in 81 mm Mortar which is a light smooth bore, muzzle loading weapon having high angle of fire and capable of a high degree of accuracy. It is a platoon weapon of the infantry. It can be used for firing in battlefields, mountain warfare or air borne operations.

This bomb is a high explosive bomb streamlined in shape and is of the fragmentation type. It is fin stabilized and has fuze 162MK-8 at the forward end and a tail unit at the rear. Tail unit takes one primary and eight secondary cartridges.
Physical Characteristics :
Total length of Ammunition 379 mm
Max. dia of bomb 80.8 mm
Mass 4.2 ± 0.125 kg (without primary) and augmenting cartridges
Explosive filling 705 ± 5 gm T.N.T.
Explosive filling in primary cartridges 7.8 gm NGB 051
Performance Characteristics :
Muzzle velocity 295 m/s
Max . Range 5000 Meters
Rate of firing 6 to 8 rounds per minute with Relaying and 20 rounds per Minute without relaying.
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